Who We Are and What We Do

The Lunenburg PTO is a system-wide organization comprised of Parents, Teachers, Administrators and Community members committed to promoting the "best" educational experience for our children in the Lunenburg Public Schools.

PTO meetings are held once a month, and they are informative and interesting. Each meeting has administrators and other guest speakers that highlight their school programs. We also have representatives from each school and from the School Committee attend the meetings to keep everyone informed with any news and information from the respective schools and committees.

Each year the PTO holds fundraisers to help support our schools.   These are a combination of ongoing smaller events and two larger events.   Please check out our Fundraisers Page for more information.   This year we are excited to announce that we have combined efforts with the Miles for Myles Committee for the annual Miles for Myles Event in Lunenburg (Sunday October 16th, 2016).    

Each year, the Lunenburg PTO also awards a scholarship to a graduating senior based on the student's dedication to community service and volunteer activities.  The student's family must also have maintained a PTO membership throughout the student's years at Lunenburg High School to qualify.  For more information please check out our Scholarship Page.




Board Members

      The Executive board members for the 2016-2017 school year are:

 Name  Position  Email Address
Karen Cafferky-Chow  President  President@LunenburgPTO.org
Jessica Frank    
 Vice President  VicePresident@LunenburgPTO.org
Allison Melvin   Secretary  Secretary@LunenburgPTO.org
Sarah Coon  Treasurer  Treasurer@LunenburgPTO.org

 Chairpersons of Standing Committees
 Name  Position  Email Address
Sarah Call and Corinne Jones Fundraising  Fundraising@LunenburgPTO.org
Melody Anderson Membership  Membership@LunenburgPTO.org
Sherry Nolan Publicity/Advertising  PublicityAndAdvertising@LunenburgPTO.org
Andrea Moore Health Awareness  HealthAwareness@LunenburgPTO.org
Ami Powers School and Community Liaison  schoolandcommunityliaison@lunenburgpto.org
Open Position Cultural Enrichment  
Open Position Forums  

 School Building Reps
 Name  Position  Email Address
Open Position Primary School Rep  PrimarySchoolRep@LunenburgPTO.org
Open Position Elementary School Rep  ElementarySchoolRep@LunenburgPTO.org
Open Position Middle School Rep  MiddleSchoolRep@LunenburgPTO.org
Open Position High School Rep  HighSchoolRep@LunenburgPTO.org

Supporting Roles (not on Executive Board)
 Name  Position  Email Address
Rotating LEA Representative  LEA@LunenburgPTO.org
Sherry Nolan Webmaster  Webmaster@LunenburgPTO.org

Mission Statement

The objective of the Lunenburg Parent Teacher Organization is to foster and encourage the cooperative link between parents, teachers and students by promoting an environment in which the home-school partnership can be nurtured.


The PTO is run and operated under the following Bylaws which were revised and approved on September 22, 2014.  To view/download the bylaws please use this link.  (PTO Bylaws)