Scholarship Policy

The Lunenburg Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) is an organization whose mission is based upon providing service to the Lunenburg Public Schools and the Lunenburg Community.

The Lunenburg Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) offers and awards a scholarship to graduating seniors from Lunenburg High School who plan to continue their education beyond high school. The scholarship is based upon volunteerism and performance of community service. The amount of the award is voted on annually by the PTO.  For 2018-2019 this award is $1500.

The Lunenburg PTO has established a PTO Scholarship Committee to review and select a graduating senior for the PTO Scholarship. A new committee is set up each school year and is comprised of PTO members who do not have a graduating senior for that school year.

The PTO Scholarship Committee will anonymously select a graduating senior(s) and award a scholarship based on: The student’s Family’s PTO Membership status, performance of community service by the student, and evaluation of the student’s community service by reviewing a complete student resume and an essay written by the senior. The scholarship will be paid out upon satisfactory completion of one full semester at an institution of higher education. A copy of an official transcript from the institution will be required. 

Δ Membership Status is defined as:

The family of the LHS senior has been a paid member of the Lunenburg PTO for each of the years that the student has been enrolled at Lunenburg High School. Payment must be made each year that the student is enrolled at LHS. Retroactive payments for prior years will not be accepted. This may be waived for extenuating circumstances. Payments in advance will be accepted.   (*grade 8 included for graduation years 2019, and 2020. )

Δ Community Service is defined as:

The student has performed a minimum of 15 hours of community service and has provided proof to the PTO of their activities. The minimum amount of 15 hours will be pro-rated based upon a student’s length of enrollment in Lunenburg High School if they are enrolled less than the full four years.

Δ Student Resume is defined as:

The student’s complete resume, which details all community service performed during the time that they have been enrolled at Lunenburg High School.

Δ Student Written Essay is defined as:

A one-page essay which describes the community service performed by the student, the importance of the student's volunteer experiences, the benefit of it to the community and to the student, and what the student learned from their experience.

To apply, please print and fill out the following application.  You can submit using the directions on the form.